Daina Wilson and Sanj Rehm, L’Oréal New Zealand employees, with musicians Pieter T and K.One.

L’Oréal New Zealand and Fostering Kids New Zealand have formed a special partnership to create an extra special event for young people in care.

The L’Oréal Face Your Future event, in partnership with Fostering Kids NZ, is aimed at teens in their last year of school, or for those who have already left school.  Established in 2008, it focuses on positive and inspiring stories from people who have pushed through adversity and have succeeded in their lives, businesses or careers. The two-day workshop explores career pathways, interview skills, and offers a session on personal presentation.  Participants are hosted at L’Oréal’s head office and distribution centre, where they learn about different parts of the business.  The event is a proven pipeline for talent for L’Oréal and L’Oréal stakeholders.

L’Oréal Face Your Future aims to have each young person leave feeling inspired and confident that it is possible to “Reach for the Stars” to achieve their hopes and dreams.

Participants tell us that L’Oréal Face Your Future really does make a difference:

"All the speakers had the same sort of past as us. It showed me and a lot of other people that we could do it, so thanks heaps. Everything was awesome... showed me not to give up, reach for the moon, because if you don't make it you will be in the stars."  Renee

"It's about how we react to an event that determines the outcome – a positive attitude will get you places."  Danielle

“It changed my vision on dreams and goal setting – the sky is the limit."  Zac