2000: A year of exceptional growth. Annual sales: +17.9%

The consolidated sales of L'OREAL amounted, in 2000, to € 12.7 billion (FF 83.1 billion). The growth rate based on published figures was 17.9% compared with 1999.

After allowing for the 7.4% positive effect of exchange rate fluctuations, the growth rate was 10.5%.

L'OREAL benefited from a positive structural impact of 2.1% due to the consolidation of acquisitions carried out in 2000, mainly in the second half of the year.

Group sales growth by business sector was as follows:

Group sales growth by sector

published figures excl. exchange rate fluctuations
Cosmetics + 17.5 % + 10.3 %
+ 32.2 % + 19.1 %
Growth in cosmetics sales has been strong in the main geographical areas.

Cosmetics sector growth by area

published figures excl. exchange rate fluctuations
Western Europe + 6.0 % + 5.2 %
North America + 31.4 % + 14.1 %
Rest of the World
+ 33.4 % + 19.3 %

Strategic acquisitions

These strategic acquisitions included Carson Inc., world leader in ethnic cosmetics with a strong presence in the United States and South Africa, Matrix Essentials, the North American leader in salon products, and Kiehl's, a highly selective and world-renowned skin care brand, founded in New York in 1851.
These strategic acquisitions, backed up by local acquisitions such as Laboratoires Ylang S.A., the leader in mass-market make-up in Argentina, and Respons, a Scandinavian shampoo brand, offer the group outstanding growth potential.
At the end of 2000, L'OREAL also signed a strategic alliance with Shu Uemura, a pioneering Japanese brand in the art of make-up and skin care, which will be consolidated in 2001.

Provisional results will be published on Wednesday 21 February, 2001, and the audited results on Wednesday 28 March, 2001.